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Devils Gone Red P.2
When his eyes cracked open, he was met with an unexpected reality he never thought he'd face.
He felt no pain and could see clearly, staring up at the dark, gray ceiling. He figured by now he would be dead, or held in a correctional facility by now.
"He's awake!" He heard an excited chirp by his side, turning only to be staring right into the eyes of another person, their noses almost touching. He let out a yelp, falling back against the dingy mattress he'd been lying on.
"Don't scare him, Donghae." Another voice snapped as he turned to look back at the one called 'Donghae'.
"Hey, I didn't scare you, right?" The other boy asked, head tilting to the side, almost like a puppy would.
"….." He remained silent, only staring at him blankly, glancing up at the dark blonde streaks at the top of his hair. He had wide, dark eyes, and a bright smile that lit up his face as he bounced excitedly on the mattress.
"Hyukkie, I think he's a moot." Donghae exclaimed, glancing up at the red haired b
:iconchibi-mizu:Chibi-Mizu 3 16
Devils Gone Red p.1
Sirens rang out across the districts, red lights flashing over the tall, cracked buildings. Fires stretched over the buildings as a harsh glow lit the entire city, reflected by the blood red sky.
Shots ran out as explosions shook the city's foundations, shadows momentarily forgotten as the lights grew horribly brighter.
A boy ran across the rubble, chest heaving and legs pushing him as fast as he could. His face was pale, caused by the blood soaking through his black jeans. He flinched, letting out a weak cry as his legs buckled underneath him, sending him into the ground, his un-covered arms torn open by the wreckage.
"He's this way, get him!" He panted, shuddering as he pulled himself to his feet, giving a weak glance back through his dark bangs, only able to see with one eye by now. He reached up with an arm cover, rubbing it over his eye to catch the blood that was blinding him. He couldn't stop now, not when he was so close to getting away.
"He's going to get away!" He winced, try
:iconchibi-mizu:Chibi-Mizu 2 5
Perspective 2 by Chibi-Mizu Perspective 2 :iconchibi-mizu:Chibi-Mizu 1 5 Perspective 1 by Chibi-Mizu Perspective 1 :iconchibi-mizu:Chibi-Mizu 2 13 And feet too by Chibi-Mizu And feet too :iconchibi-mizu:Chibi-Mizu 0 5 Let there be hands by Chibi-Mizu Let there be hands :iconchibi-mizu:Chibi-Mizu 0 3
In Rapture 2 - SuJu
He's not sure what he's done when it's finished. The large suit lying limp on the ground, blood staining the floor. He still feels as though its' groaning is ringing in his ears, making chills run up his spine.
"D-Daddy!" The little girl is sobbing, shaking its' arm. "Daddy, please!"
"You can't save them all.." The blond at his side tells him, resting his hand on his shoulder in a form of comfort. He glances at him. "Take her. You can either harvest her or save her."
"What will that do?" He frowns, turning to give the little brother a fierce glare.
"It will give you ADAM. You're going to need it, Mr. Angel.." The blond shrugs, glancing back at the little one. "They're the source of this place.. You can't survive without the little sisters."
"Alright, alright, I get it." He sighs, stuffing the pistol into his pocket as he makes his way over to the crying little girl. "Hey.."
"No! Stay away..!" She sobs, staring up at him with wide, glowing eyes. "Daddy! Daddy, help me!" She shrieks, stu
:iconchibi-mizu:Chibi-Mizu 0 5
Prom Princess by Chibi-Mizu Prom Princess :iconchibi-mizu:Chibi-Mizu 5 24
Lights ch2
Alexander is listening to music from one earbud as he makes his way down the dark street. His apartment, unfortunately, is on the wrong side of town, so it's never a good idea to walk around unaware of one's surroundings. That's how people get jumped, children.
So when he hears shouts and signs of a ruckus starting down the streets, he ducks into an alleyway to avoid the potential problem of confrontation.  He makes his way inside the long, dark alley, hiding near a dumpster as he hears the voices get louder.
That's how he came to find a scared, trembling girl crouched next to the dumpster, eyes wide and full of terror as she stares up at him as though he had two heads.
Could she be homeless? No, he thinks, taking a moment to look her up and down. Asides from being bruised and alittle dishevvled, she's relatively well kept, albeit scantily clad. A streetwalker then?
".. Are you alright?" She flinches when he speaks, and he feels bad for startling her. ".. Miss?"
She glances u
:iconchibi-mizu:Chibi-Mizu 1 8
It's loud when he drags her in through the front door, a bouncer at the front easily giving them access.
"This is where you'll work, alright?" The man holding her arm offers her a small smile, and she can't help but weakly return it, nodding obediently. "For now, though, your place will be in the back for training." He explained, leading her through the throngs of men and even some women, most of them planting their eyes on her as soon as they passed. It wasn't a comfortable feeling, she'd admit easily. Was this really where he expected her to work?
"You need the money, right?" That answered her question, her head bowing as she nodded slowly. "Don't worry, the girls'll teach ya what you need to know." The girls? She blinked. "Your co-workers. Most of them are good with newbies." Was that supposed to make her feel better?
"This is the backstage area, where you'll spend most of your time." He said, opening the door.
The change was incredible. Instead of the intense pungent smell of smoke
:iconchibi-mizu:Chibi-Mizu 1 7
Remember Remember
As I wander through the park on this chilly afternoon, I spot the river I used to play around as a child. With a smile, I manage my way over, my bones aching with the sharp chill in the air. It's late fall, and the leaves are falling onto the ground in rich tones of red and amber. They remind me of something long gone, and it brings a heavy sigh from me as I watch the wind rustle them through my glasses. I move to the riverbank, slowly easing myself down until I sat akwardly on the grass, a hand pressed to my back to keep it steady. I stare ahead, struggling for a moment before my eyes finally focus on the river, the rushing waters creating a soothing sound as a backdrop to the children playing. It's calming, and I find myself beginning to think as I watch a stray leaf flutter into the water, moving along with it's current. It's fast, just as life is, moving far too quickly for me to comprehend before it's over, the leaf pressed to a rock, trapped for a before it's gone again, disap
:iconchibi-mizu:Chibi-Mizu 1 10
Henry - Valentines Day Contest by Chibi-Mizu Henry - Valentines Day Contest :iconchibi-mizu:Chibi-Mizu 17 17
Mature content
Hummingbird Heartbeat :iconchibi-mizu:Chibi-Mizu 9 28
He Never Cries - SuJu
There's never any questions when it happens.
There's never any qualms about the time, about the place.
When Leeteuk's door slowly opens, and the eldest of the group glances up at the intruder, glasses hanging low on the bridge of his nose, he doesn't blink.
He merely smiles sadly, lets his book fall to the side, and opens his arms for the younger man, Donghae rushing into the embrace immediately.
He feels the younger male's shoulders shake with quiet sobs, winding his arms around the singer's torso and pulling him closer to his chest, stroking his hair and murmuring soft words of comfort.
It still haunts him, to Leeteuk's dismay, but it was normal. Donghae had lost the man most important to him, the man who'd raised him and cared for him. He'd lost the man who'd loved him more than anyone else.
It was only fair that the leader be understanding and caring when it came to this.
When it came to Donghae's rare meltdowns, it would never matter what time it was, what day it was, or what Leet
:iconchibi-mizu:Chibi-Mizu 3 4
In Rapture - Super Junior Ch1
"Get away! It's my ADAM." She's hissing, her lips curling as she stares down at him, the younger one crouched behind the man.
"Fair is fair. I found him first." The man smirks, pointing the pistol at the woman. He unloads three shots into her until she's on the floor in convulsions, shrieks of pain leaving her. "Filthy splicer." He frowns, letting his hand drop to his side, the gun hitting the floor. He turns, noticing that the younger had hidden from him, his body curled behind a staircase. "It's alright.." He turns to the younger one. "She won't hurt you.."
"......" The other just stares at him, glowing eyes wide with fear.
"It's alright.." The man smiles, reaching out to the other, who shrinks away. "It's alright now.."
".. Are you an angel?" The other's voice is soft but deep, the sound echoing through the empty, damp ballroom.
".. Am I..?" The man chuckles, smiling weakly at the other, glancing down at his hand, blue light pulsing from his veins. It was aching, and he would need m
:iconchibi-mizu:Chibi-Mizu 0 14
Wake Me Up - SuJu WookRy
On cold nights like these, they curl up on the couch, wrapped up in eachother. She usually reads while he watches the television blankly, unsure of what exactly he's supposed to be paying attention to.
At these times, he pulls her abit closer, her head crooked into his shoulder, and he murmurs softly against her ear until she giggles and a shy smile comes to her lips.
"I love you." He'd murmur, and she would always respond the same.
"Oh Wookie, that's silly." Her smile would become coquettish, and her head would tilt to the side so her dark coloured bangs would just barely cover her equally dark eyes. "You're dreaming."
"How am I dreaming..?" He would reply, though he knew the answer. it was always the same.
"Because love is just a dream." She'd murmur almost translucently, as though her voice was nothing but see through.
"You don't know that.." He said softly, and he'd reach up until his fingers catch her chin and tilt her face towards his, trailing up to one of her full cheeks, thumb
:iconchibi-mizu:Chibi-Mizu 0 3


A Bond Deeper Than The Ocean by steven-donegani A Bond Deeper Than The Ocean :iconsteven-donegani:steven-donegani 2,408 376 Make up your mind. by Jean-chan Make up your mind. :iconjean-chan:Jean-chan 30 7 For 2min and Jongkey haters 2 by Ko-min-jk For 2min and Jongkey haters 2 :iconko-min-jk:Ko-min-jk 113 0 For 2min and Jongkey haters 1 by Ko-min-jk For 2min and Jongkey haters 1 :iconko-min-jk:Ko-min-jk 105 0 TaeNy Lady Marmalade by ohaturtlesnail TaeNy Lady Marmalade :iconohaturtlesnail:ohaturtlesnail 20 10 SNSD :: HBD to Yoona :: by shinjyu SNSD :: HBD to Yoona :: :iconshinjyu:shinjyu 77 8 You're my girl generation by Titan-Kun You're my girl generation :icontitan-kun:Titan-Kun 4 0 Render SNSD by Titan-Kun Render SNSD :icontitan-kun:Titan-Kun 128 22 The Chibi SNSD by Titan-Kun The Chibi SNSD :icontitan-kun:Titan-Kun 37 8 Hongki by LeeyoRi Hongki :iconleeyori:LeeyoRi 9 2 Hongki by mana-mis-random Hongki :iconmana-mis-random:mana-mis-random 2 0 lee hongki by linh7x lee hongki :iconlinh7x:linh7x 13 2 Lee Hongki by honeymello Lee Hongki :iconhoneymello:honeymello 32 2 Barae by 9095 Barae :icon9095:9095 213 66 Lee HongKi Wallpaper by KirstyR Lee HongKi Wallpaper :iconkirstyr:KirstyR 34 2 Hongki Hongstar by Heedictated Hongki Hongstar :iconheedictated:Heedictated 33 4



My sexy buddy whom I love very much~

:iconchibi-candi13:x:iconchibi-mizu: HongChul, bb, HongChul ;D

People I Care about/Admire~

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Current Residence: Behind you >D
Favourite genre of music: K-Pop
Operating System: My brain =w=
MP3 player of choice: the JackPod, betch :U
Skin of choice: My skin, kthnx
Favourite cartoon character: Shouichi Irie, hands down <3
Personal Quote: Respect da flag, betch BU

That's my new other account. Feel free to watch it or not.

I feel out of it, sorry.


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